Sonic tools

pedals 1


“The “4 String Fuzz Machine”

2011 Epiphone 335 Dot
Bigsby tremelo
Custom wiring access hole chiselled in back
4 strings (GGDG)
4 Machine heads
Yoshimura exhaust plate from my lovely old 1973 Honda 750 SOHC chopper “The General”
Headstock “Sharks teeth” sticker from the front wing of the crashed Destroyers Surfbus “The White Shark”




“Johnny Storm”

1990s Aria Stratocaster
Wang bar removed + bridge chocked with 3/4″ socket
Custom finish supplied by my good friend Saf Lawason and his blowtorch
“Antichrist” sticker in support of my friend Mels apparel company
4 strings (GGDG)
Scratchplate customised with wallpaper scissors



“”Jherek Carnelian III”

Steel baking tray
Pickups and scratchplate from Fender Jazz bass
Bits of wood from demolished 1970s wardrobe
Tape and screws

Named as always after Jherek Carnelian from Michael Moorcocks “An Alien Heat”, The Sonic Gypsy continues this 30 year tradition, with the 3rd incarnation (Jherek 1 was a Dr rythmn, and No2 was a 707..) Jherek has gone back to analogue for his final incarnation!

jherek c 4